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2020 Joint Facility Fund with United Nations

2020 Joint Facility Fund

Cost Sharing Projects between UN agencies and Kurdistan Regional

The Kurdistan Region 2020 Joint Programming Facility (hereafter the Facility) is established in 2013 to support the achievement of the “Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) 2020,which presents the vision of KR-I and its policy priorities for the five-year period 2013-2017. The Facility aims at leveraging UN expertise for the achievement Vision 2020 under the leadership of the KRG Ministry of Planning (KRG MoP).

At the first Steering Committee meeting on February 2014, out of 22 project proposals and Joint Projects, 13 Projects/ Joint Projects approved by the SC Chairs. The official starting of the projects was in Sep 2014.

The Facility will be the primary financing mechanism between KRG and the UN agencies to achieve the common strategic priorities determined by the Kurdistan Vision 2020 and UNDAF. It is the first co-financing Facility, capitalized primarily from the KRG Investment budget, with UN counterpart contributions contributing to joint programming in the KR-I.


Governance structure of Joint Facility  Fund



 List of approved projects :

  1. Capacity building and technical support for the Independent Board of Human Rights in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
  2. Safer Cities Programme in Sulaimanyah– Kurdistan.
  3. Strengthening the care, prevention and reintegration mechanisms for children and young people who are contact with the law, including increased employment opportunities for youth released from detention.
  4. Physical and Socio-Economic Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Persons with Disabilities/Mine Victims and Community Based Mine Risk Education and Victim Assistance in Kurdistan Region of Iraq .
  5. Piloting Child Friendly Schools with School Health and School Nutrition services to improve access to quality education in Kurdistan region.
  6. Improving availability and access of quality PHC services in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
  7. Strengthening Urban $ Regional Planning in KRG.
  8. Water Conservation and demand management through Public Awareness and education programme.
  9. The Kurdistan Center of Gender Studies.
  10. Harnessing evidence for community mobilization to eliminate FGM .
  11. Promote civic, social and economic participation of disadvantaged youth.
  12. Socio-Economic empowerment of rule of Women in KR.
  13. United Nations Volunteers capacity development and support to the Kurdistan Regional Government through volunteering.
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