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Specific Budget Call Circular

Sector specific circulars (SSC) are used to collect more detailed information about potential investment projects in education, health, housing and transportation. The Line Ministries of the can use these circulars to obtain complete and up to date information on projects’ needs. These completed circulars can be used to guide Ministry decisions on which projects they are able and prepared to invest in.The section questions vary by specific sector in order to obtain only the most relevant information on investment projects in each sector. For example, the specific sector circulars for expansion or renovation projects generally contain the same questions as the new project circulars, but they also ask questions related to what facilities, services, and amenities currently exist, and what facilities, services, and amenities will exist after the expansion or renovation if different.

The Circulars can be downloaded from the following links:


New school construction project

Circular School Expansion/RenovationProject

New health center/ hospital facility construction project

Existing health center/ hospital facility expansion/ renovation project

New housing complex construction project

Existing housing complex expansion / renovation project

New road construction project

Existing road expansion / renovation project

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