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Project Selection Process

To select the new projects proposed by the Line Ministries that will be included in the budget proposal document the GDCIB grades the submitted projects.

The information about the proposed projects sent by the Line Ministries in response to the Budget Call Circular is analyzed and graded according to a methodology. The methodology essentially assigns a categorical classification, i.e. A, B, C, D or R based on the verification of multiple characteristics. The characteristics that are to be verified are the following: Land (if required), Feasiblity Study (in case of projects that are worth more than 10 billion IQD), Bill of Quantities, Regional Development Vision objectives and Outputs. Further, grades are assigned based on certain criteria. For instance:
“A” project: Has Feasibility Study, Land has been acquired, has a Bill of Quantities, RDV objective and Output defined.
“B” project: Has Feasibility Study, Land and BoQ defined.
“C” project: Has Land and Feasibility Study.
“D” project: None
“R” project: is assigned to those projects that are not considered as part of the Investment Budget
If projects don’t require Land or a Feasibility study, then only the remaining characteristics have to be considered to get the grade. Projects must have a priority assigned by each ministry. Thus, using the level of priority of each project, and project grades, the order of proposed projects is ranked by the GDCIB.

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