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General Directorate of Capital Investment Budget

a. Responsibilities

The General Directorate of Capital Investment Budget (GDCIB) is responsible for directing the economic development of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by setting priorities for capital investment budget and approving funding for Line-Ministries projects. The GDCIB is also responsible of promoting the modernization of the KRG by creating and maintaining comprehensive system for data collection on current and past capital investment projects. The enhancement of the government transparency is also part of the mission of the GDCIB. The GDCIB cooperates with international organizations and the private sector to achieve developmental goals and direct investment to strategic areas.
The main activities carried out at the GDCIB focus on the collection, maintenance and dissemination of data about the CIB projects. One of the main responsibilities of the DG-CIB is verifying that the investment decisions are made considering efficacy and efficiency in the allocations.


b. GD Main Activities

The main activities at the GDCIB are the preparation of the annual Capital Investment Budget and the allocation of funding according to the priorities defined with the Line Ministries. The interaction with the Line Ministries is an important factor for the definition of the CIB. The GDCIB is in constant communication with the LMs throughout the budgetary cycle, not only to define and approve the projects, but to verify the budget execution, revise projects and approve modifications if needed. At the end of the budgetary cycle the GDCIB continues interacting with the LM’s, communicating achievements and difficulties in the execution of the CIB.


c. Organizational structure

The organizational structure at the GDCIB comprises a Director General post, six directorates and a Support unit. The six directorates are related to Project Distribution, Provincial Budget, Indicators and Feasibility, Kurdistan Development Management System, Classification and Data and Information Technology.
The organizational structure and the staff at the GDCIB are presented in the image.





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