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priorities and goals of the stratigic plan

Key strategic goals of the plan

The plan adopts a wide range of strategic goals for the development of the economic and social sectors in the Region, drawing upon the data of the strategic analysis of the economic and social reality of the Region, as well as the results come out from the diagnosis of the immediate and future challenges that are expected to face development during the coming five years. In general, the priorities and goals of the strategic plan concentrate on the following:

  •   Enhancement of economic growth,

  •   Realization of food safety,

  •   Building competitive capacity at sectoral level,

  •   Provision of economic needs and implementation of necessary reforms that enable the creation of employment and job opportunities,

  •  Renovation and development of financial services,

  •  Consolidation of social protection and raising the levels of health and education,

  •  Development of the infrastructure and building human capacity,

  •  Development of export potentials of the industries and basic and sectoral services, and

  •  Development of the private sector.

The previous goals are divided into 14 main axes, from which many quantitative and qualitative indicators have been derived to depend upon in the achievement of those goals.

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