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D. of social services planning

Directorate of Social Services Planning is part of the General Directorate of Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Planning. The directorate aims to develop plans for areas related to social services and employment. The directorate coordinates with the relevant ministries to achieve this aim. Other areas of activity of the directorate include rural development, women empowerment and decreasing poverty.  

The directorate is made of the following sections:

         · Social Security Planning Section

         · Rural Development Planning Section

         · Employment Planning Section

         · Health and Environment Planning Section

Mandate of the Directorate

         ·Consultation with the relevant parties to assess the plans and the implementations methods.

         · Coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Statistics Office and other KRG agencies on issues related to data and information on social services.

         · Coordination with experts and academics working in the area.

         · Participation in training for the staff development.

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