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D.of economic planning

Directorate of Economic Planning is one of the directorates of the General Directorate of Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Planning, it has four sections:


1.   Investment Planning Section

2.   Tourism Planning Section

3.   Industrial Planning Section

4.   Agriculture Planning Section


Mandate of the Directorate

1.   Managing the administration affairs of the staff.

2.   Identifying the needs of the staff and selecting them for training.

3.   Coordination with academic and scientific experts of economy, agriculture, tourism and industry to inform the planning process in the directorate.

4.   Coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Statistics Office and the relevant ministries in relation to planning and exchange of data and information. 

5.   Participation in the capital investment budget of the government.

6.   Coordination with the other directorates of our general directorate in the preparation of strategic plans.

7.   Disseminating economic awareness through media.

8.   Direction of the heads of the sections.

9.   Drafting reports on the economic topics.


Industrial Planning Section

1.   Following up the implementation of the annual industrial development plan presented by the ministry of industry.

2.   Coordination with the general directorate of industrial planning in the ministry of industry and trade.

3.   Coordination with the chambers of commerce and industry and syndicates in relation to the industrial sector.   

4.   Coordination with the relevant agencies to develop the infrastructure of Kurdistan.

5.   Making recommendation in relation to the laws and regulation that present obstacles to the industrial sector.


Investment Planning Section

1.   Presenting information and ideas on the geographical distribution of investment.

2.   Identifying the important sector towards which investment should be directed.

3.   Coordination with the Board of Investment in the preparation of investment plans.

4.   Participation in seminars and training related to investment.


Tourism Planning Section

1.   Coordination with the relevant agencies to the development of tourism plans.

2.   Follow-up on the implementation of the annual tourism plan by the ministry of municipalities and tourism and reporting on that.

3.   Drafting reports on the development of tourism and cultural sites.

5.    Participation in seminars and training related to tourism.


Agriculture Planning Section

1.   Coordination with the ministry of agriculture to develop agriculture development plans.

2.   Drafting reports on the development of agriculture.

3.   Follow-up on the implementation of the long term agricultural plan by the ministry of agriculture and reporting on that.

4.   Coordination with the experts and academics and participation in seminar and training related to agriculture.


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