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Company classification Requirement

Company classification Requirement in construction or Electrical and Mechanical fields

  •     Support letter from the ministry of trade/general directorate of company registration along with (certified establishment contract, establishment certificate and the meeting memo).

  •     Financial ability statement from certified governmental or private banks.

  •     Prepare engineering, accounting and legal advisory units appropriate to the grade.

  •     Provide a pledge certified by the notary public that the founder of the company is not government employee or on the government paylist.

  •     Present two or more works related to the applicable field supported by all the relevant documentations proving that the company was the implementer (contracting agreement, project granting memo, project referral letter…etc)

  •     List of machineries and equipments of the company along with the necessary documentation.


For more information see the below table

Requirements for electrical and mechanical companies

Requirements for construction companies

  •     If a civil, construction, electrical or mechanical engineer is partner with no less than (30%) share and his/her syndicate grade was not lower than (   ), point (C) will not apply, provided  a notary public certified pledge is given stating that they are not on paylist of any other similar company.

  •     In accordance with Article 11, Section 5 of Regulation Number (1) of (2007), no company can be graded higher that grade (5) in construction field and grade (3) in electrical and mechanical field.

Please click  here    to obtain classification application form



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