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GDof Human Resource Development

The importance of training in being an effective means to rehabilitate and develop the capacities and capabilities of human resources through training objectives based on giving the basic knowledge, enrich the information, developing skills and expertise, change attitudes and behaviors. This is because the human element has become in our modern life is the most important resource and the basis for all processes of change and development in various aspects of work and life.
Based on that, Ministry of Planning give great interest in activating the training and expansion of opportunities to take advantage from it and exploit all the possibilities available to enhance and raise the efficiency of the training process in governmental sector, as stipulated in the general goals of the ministry of the Law No. (7) for the year 2006 (Ministry of Planning Law in Kurdistan region), which had entrusted the ministry responsible for leading the activity development process pan-government administrative machinery in the region, through the D. G of Human Development, including the promise of the need to work, support and develop the technical capacity and managerial staff in the ministries and government institutions, considering that the government employee is the essential foundation for progress, development, effective tool in bringing the improvement, able to perform tasks and development activities and management of its operations through the upgrading of the level of performance, skills, technical and administrative abilities.

 Director  General  of Human Development

Abdulrazaq M.Mustafa




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