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Ministries budget

a. Using data at the GDCIB the Dashboard presents relevant information about the total budget, remaining budget, type of projects, allocations and expenditures by year.

b. The Dashboard files by Ministry are shown in the following links:


  1. Ministry of Martyrs and Anfals
  2. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  3. Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments
  4. Ministry of Justice
  5. Ministry of Natural Resources
  6. Ministry of Transportation and Communication
  7. Ministry of Culture and Youth
  8. Ministry of Trade and Industry
  9. Ministry of Interior
  10. Ministry of Peshmarga (Defence) 
  11. Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing
  12. Ministry of Municipality and Tourism
  13. Ministry of Health
  14. Ministry of Education
  15. Ministry of Higher Education
  16. Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
  17. Ministry of Electricity
  18. Ministry of Finance and Economy
  19. Ministry of Planning
  20. Council of Ministers (aggregate)
  21. Regional Security Council
  22. Foreign Relations, Department of 
  23. De-Mining
  24. Information Technology, Department of 
  25. Environment, Department of
  26. Presidency
  27. Investment, Board of 
  28. Ainkawa
  29. Judicial Council
  30. Asaish (Security)
  31. Council of Ministers (disaggregate) 


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