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Budget Process

Preparation of Annual  Investment Budget

The annual Capital Investment Budget is developed and administered through a multi-stakeholder process. The Ministry of Planning (MoP), and in particular the General Directorate of the Capital Investment Budget (GDCIB), plays a central, coordinating role in the CIB. The GDCIB manages project proposal and assessment, project creation and deletion, and budgetary allocation and reallocation.
The approval of projects undergoes a predefined process. First, the annual budget availability is determined by the Ministry of Finance, and “ceilings” on expenditure are set for each sector. Once the ceilings are defined, the GDCIB communicates them to the Line Ministries so that the can use this information to generate a viable list of projects to propose to the MoP. The MoP sends the Budget Call Circular (BCC) to the ministries with the guidelines on how to prepare the new budget. After the ministries send their list of proposed projects to the MoP, the GDCIB analyzes the projects, and with some discussion with the ministries, generates a list of approved projects. Once the list of projects is approved at the MoP the GDCIB prepares the reports with the detail of proposed projects to be submitted to the Council of Ministers. The CIB proposal is then revised and sent to the Parliament for final approval.

Official Letter Workflow

Budget Preparation Workflow 


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