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About DCC

The General Directorate of Development Coordination and Cooperation (DCC) is a general directorate functions within the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Planning (KRG MoP).

According to the tasks and the objectives assigned to manage the General Directorate for Development Coordination and Cooperation (DCC), the work of the Service includes the following:



The Development Assistance Database of KRG-Iraq (KRG-DAD) is a bi-lingual web-based aid information management system, owned and hosted by the Department of Development Coordination and Cooperation (DCC) at KRG/Ministry of Planning (MoP).

DCC is mandated to undertake necessary actions under its own discretion to promote, allocate, and follow up on international assistance.


Int’l Training and Scholarship

In order to systematically organize participation of the government employees in the international training opportunities, in 2006 KRG mandated Directorate General for Development Coordination and Cooperation (DCC) within Ministry of Planning (MoP) to oversee the process. Now, DCC attempts in collaboration with the international agencies to provide training opportunities for KRG employees. Participation in any training course will require the nominees to go through a qualification test for which some criteria have been identified by DCC

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