Minister of planning: we attempt to expand border crossing with ...

Web News 08/10/2019

Minister of planning says depend on quality and quality assurance give original companies project. Today on October 8, 2019, at ministry building, Dr.Dara Rashid minster of planning of regional government received delegation of exterior minister of Islamic Republic of Iran headed by Dr.Ansari deputy of exterior minister for economic affair and Iran consul in Erbil. Connection between regional government and Islamic Republic of Iran discussed, assist of Iran to region from different states also t ...

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Ministry of ...

Web News 29/04/2018

The Country Director of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in Iraq, Mr. Ra Kapchae, has signed the Record of Discussion with H.E. Dr. Ali Sindi, Minister of Planning of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), for the project of “Modernization of Public Procurement System in Kurdistan Region, Iraq” in Erbil on Sunday, 29 April 2018. The Korean Government will provide grant aid of six million US dollars (US$ 6,000,000) for this project and KOICA will implement the project fro ...

KRG Launches the KRG Social Protection Strategic Framework

Web News 28/09/2016

Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq September 21, 2016 - The Kurdistan Regional Government has approved a new strategic framework to strengthen the Region’s social protection programs “The new Framework strengthens and aligns KRG’s social protection system with the KRG Vision 2020 by promoting more effective strategies for the labor market, for social insurance and for social safety nets, to protect the poor and vulnerable population and provide opportunities for our youth. This c ...

Modernization of Public Procurement for Sustainable Economic ...

Web News 14/08/2016

Under the leadership and direct supervision of the Minister of Planning HE Dr. Ali Sindi, the Ministry of Planning in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) recently embarked on modernizing its public procurement system through a comprehensive and multi-faceted reform program supported by the World Bank. In line with the KRG 2020 Vision of ‘Effective, transparent, trusted and honest Government’, and as part of the 3-year economic reform plan aimed at “Achieving Shared Prosperi ...


Web News 13/12/2015

(Baghdad/Erbil, 30 November 2015): Kyung-wha Kang, the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs visited Baghdad and Erbil to discuss the humanitarian crisis. “The human cost of the crisis is devastating. We are extremely worried that all indicators point to a dramatically worsening situation in the months ahead,” Ms. Kang said“I spoke with women who had lost virtually everything. If we are to succeed in responding to their most basic needs, we need in ...

A vision for the Future 2020

The overall development vision of the Kurdistan Regional Government is aKrudsitan Region of Iraq where all people enjoy the benefits of freedom,health,
 welfare, and economic security and opportunity. The vision has been produced for three reasons. The first one is to have people know how the government 
envisions the Regional developing and how the KRG is working to improve the people’s well-being. The second one is to unify the present thinking into an overall plan for the government in order that all parts of the government will work together for a common goal. The third one is to provide a framework under which the individual ministries could develop their detailed policies and goals through 2017, and so included five-year policy priorities

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Spotlights: Facts Sheets

    Ministry of Planning and RAND Corporation Phase 1 Joint reports

    Building the Future: Summary of Four Studies to Develop the Private Sector, Education, Health Care, and Data for Decision making for the Kurdistan Region — Iraq  

    At the request of the KRG, the RAND Corporation had undertaken four studies with the aim of improving the economic and social development of the Kurdistan Region. The work by RAND was intended to help with the expansion of access to high quality education and health care, increase of the private sector development and employment, and designing a data collection system to support high priority policies. …Read more

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    Resolutions and regulations to terminate Public Investment Projects

    To help companies and contractors that have been affected by both the KRG financial crisis as well as the delay of the advance funding and are unable to continue with the implementation of the KRG projects assigned to them,we have decided:

    The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government has issued an optional resolution to KRG ministries, departments and institutions that refers to the termination and/or cancellation of the extension periods of the implementing public investment projects. Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Finance have decided on necessary regulations so as to put that resolution into action. KRG departments should observe the resolution and enforce it to terminate the projects and cancel the extension periods for them. Click on the links below for more information on:

    1- KRG PM's Resolution No. 9051 on Nov. 11th, 2015.

    2- Regulation No. 1 MoP on Jan 1st, 2016.

    3-Resolution to Termination KRG Projects.

    4-Clarification on MOP Regulation No.1 7/1/2016


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